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liberty mutual long term disability claim form for wells fargo employees

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Long-Term Disability Claim Form Group Insurance Claims Management Omaha NE 68175-0001 Phone 800-877-5176 Fax 402-997-1865 Section 1 Employee s Statement Answer all questions to avoid delay. A Guide for Successfully Completing the Group Long-Term Disability Claim Form Mutual of Omaha appreciates the opportunity to provide you with valuable income protection. We rely on the information you provide on this form to effectively determine if you qualify for group long-term disability benefits....
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The most effective way to complete and submit a claim for group long-term disability benefits is to complete and file the claim online. The following sections address the most common questions you might have. Is the disability “long-term” or “permanent”? The term “permanent” should be understood broadly. In fact, the federal government uses the term “permanent” to describe disability that is expected to last the entire 20 years. However, it is not uncommon for this term to be interpreted so narrowly as to exclude those individuals who demonstrate “progressive” deterioration. “Progressive” disability is an ongoing type of disability that results from progressive declines in function or severity of symptoms. If a person is expected to remain disabled for the entire 20 years, then it is not necessary for the person's impairment(s) to become progressively worse over time. In order for a disability to be “progressive,” the individual who develops the impairment(s) must also demonstrate that she or he has a significantly increased likelihood of becoming disabled (, with greater disabilities, greater disability-related impairments, or with other impairments or diseases that can cause chronic functional impairments). Progression of health-related impairment(s) in and of itself rarely indicates that a serious medical condition is developing. Although functional impairment may be a marker of disease progression, a person who begins to experience health-related impairment as a result of treatment that is medically recommended and medically supervised to control health-related morbidity, should not be viewed as having met the “progression” tests necessary to meet the definition of “progression.” However, once a person's impairments have progressed to the point of a substantial risk of disability or health deterioration, as described above, the Department will use the term “proximity” to describe this time, while also recognizing that the “progressive” process can be much more complex at these later stages of the process.
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Activity of daily living forms and your claim for long-term disability benefits you're going to be asked a lot of questions on activity of daily living forms for your long term disability claim some questions include your ability to push and pull why I think these kinds of questions are related to surveillance what do I mean well the long term disability carrier compares your answers to what you've reported to your doctor and what the surveillance film shows about your activities the activity of daily living form is going to ask you questions about your ability to push or pull you'll be asked for examples you'll be asked whether you're pushing or pulling increases your pain level and how it increases your pain level if you say I can't push a pool the long term disability carrier may have pictures of you pushing a grocery cart without difficulty or even pushing a lawnmower they may even have pictures of you pushing a broom while sweeping off your driveway you can bet they'll take that information back to your doctor and ask are you capable of working and did you tell the truth to your doctor about your ability to push and pull look you've got to explain that you're attempting to stay within your doctor's restrictions limitations that you have good days and bad days and there are days that you can do more make sure that your doctor understands what it is you're doing and accurately documents your medical records make sure that your answers are accurate on your activity of daily living form, and they're consistent with what's in your medical
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